Virtual production: From Studio to classroom

We combine applied research, training, industry innovation, and advanced technology to bolster education.

An ERASMUS+ project

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We must ensure that our approach is based on the most up-to-date and well-considered understandings of Virtual Production



We gain knowledge and insights from hands-on workshops to update research, create guidelines and exercises.



We create frameworks and materials for working with VP to support those who aspire to implement VP as part of their education or production.



We actively disseminate and distribute the knowledge we gather, and we engage with VP creatives through diverse channels and events.

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our Approach

We embrace innovation and technology to enhance educations and nurture new talent

We develop teaching guidelines, exercises, lesson plans, slide decks, and recommendations based on the knowledge we gather through our research. We also utilize hands-on experience, interviews, and workshops with project participants to identify any gaps and gain clarity.

To ensure continuous improvement, we address new and relevant knowledge from market research and interviews with industry professionals who already practice VP technology. These insights are incorporated into our workshops and follow-up interviews with participants.

In order to meet this need effectively, we closely collaborate with project groups, educators, and teachers to develop well-structured and easily understandable teaching materials.

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Ranked fourth among international animation schools with a formal degree by Animation Career Review in 2023 we strive to excel in specialized animation education. With 120 faculty and 600 yearly students, we aim to foster cultural development and understanding through the animation industry, nationally and internationally.

Hosting 7,600 students and 700 employees from 60+ countries, we offer education in various domains like Games & Media, Hotels, Logistics, and Tourism. With a focus on practical research, we collaborate with partners for R&D projects, policy advice, and knowledge dissemination. International business and cooperation are emphasized, aiming to contribute to creative industries and digital sectors. We believe in the power of interactive research, education, and business for addressing contemporary challenges.

We are dedicated to fostering creativity and innovation in the creative industry through education and research. Founded in 2016, we emphasize blue and green growth, entrepreneurship, and welfare. Collaborations with communities and industries drive economic development, while international partnerships strengthen its impact.

We prioritize internationalization and excel in creative industry education. The recent approval of European University RUN-EU enhances our global dimension. Our Design and Technology Schools offer expertise in animation, video, illustration, and game development, nurturing over a hundred students annually.

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